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Where stigma ends, healing begins

In its inaugural run from October 1-December 31, 2015, the New Day Campaign used groundbreaking programming to bring together thousands of people in Baltimore to show that where stigma ends, healing begins. Founder Peter Bruun had anticipated a one-time run. But over those 92 days, something extraordinary happened - a new, vibrant, dedicated, and wholehearted circle of thousands took shape. Supporters, funders, and participants emphatically told organizers: "It is important for the New Day Campaign to find a way to continue its unique mission of using art to challenge stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and addiction."

And so today, the New Day Campaign is focused on building towards the future. The 2016 New Day Campaign Founders' Circle will raise the financial support needed to launch operations and expansion of the New Day Campaign mission, vision, and values for years to come. Our goal is to raise $200,000 this year.

Join the Circle

  • For individuals: Financial contributions of all levels are welcome and qualify the donor as a member of the 2016 Founders' Circle. Gifts may be made in memory or honor of a loved one, and will be recognized as such in perpetuity. New Day Campaign Founders's Circle Logo
  • For organizations and institutions: Become a Founding Partner. For more information on how your organization can become a Founding Partner, email us.
What You Get for Joining the Founders' Circle
  • You will forever belong to and be a part of the launch of the new day, where stigma ends and healing begins.
  • Your contribution will be represented on the Founders' Circle poster, an original piece of artwork created by the New Day Campaign to commemorate the Founders' Circle; all members of the Founders' Circle will receive a copy of the poster.
  • You/your organization will be forever recognized on a Founders' Circle page on our website, marking members' contributions at the moment of our launch into the future.
  • You/your organization will be invited to a special Founders' Circle event in early 2017.
To make a donation by check:
Make a check payable to "NAMI Metro Baltimore" with "New Day Campaign" in the memo line and mail to: Attn: New Day Campaign, NAMI Metro, 6600 York Rd. Suite 204, Baltimore, MD 21212.

All donations go through our fiscal agent, NAMI Metro Baltimore, a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organization. For more information, contact Peter Bruun or call 443-952-1459.